Meet Me

Hi, I'm Sam!

I'll be your Reiki Practitioner

My whole life I've always been drawn to the energy of the spiritual world and been highly intuitive.  After becoming a new mum to my little boy, it was like I was hit with some truths about life and which directions to head in.

Which lead me directly to Reiki.  Have you ever had a feeling of completeness?  Like you feel whole and you have finally found your calling.  Well that's what happened to me, and I haven't turned back since.

I'm so excited to meet with you, chat with you, and above all else let you experience this divine universal power and how good it will make you feel.

Do you have tonnes of questions, not quite sure what to expect, wondering how it all works?  Message me any time and I'll guide you through everything. 

What do you have to lose?  Nothing!

But you can gain:
Relief from pain, fatigue and anxiety
Improvement of tension and mood
Stronger immune system & better sleep
Reiki promotes healing & balances energy