1 Hour In Person Reiki Session

1 Hour In Person Reiki Session

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100%  P E R S O N A L I S E D  for every treatment

Minimum of 1 HR - In this session you can experience some or all of the following in your private Gympie Treatment Room:

First we will have a quick 1 on 1 chat and discuss your session and what to expect.

A relaxing environment with essential oils and light meditative music. You can choose your favourite oils upon arrival.

Intuitive Messages

Chakra Cleansing

Use of Crystals and Pendulums

Clearing of portals in your energy field  

Removal of negative emotional attachments from past lives or this life

Oracle Card Readings 

Every session is unique for every person and its best to come into the session with an open mind and no expectations.  

If requested we can also use none of these things listed above and concentrate on a simple but effective healing (lets chat about exactly what you want)

* I can also perform house and land clearing and entity removals in your home. This can help remove any negative energy in a home and bring the home back to a positive balance.