Reiki is an ancient form of Japanese Healing. "Rei" translating to universal life and "ki" translating to energy.  The healing energy of Reiki is used to heal both your body and mind.  As a Reiki Practitioner I can harness and balance that energy via gentle touch and non touch techniques.

Reiki can assist in relaxation and aid in the body's natural healing process.  The healing energy permeates the body and releases any blockages allowing a clear path for physical, mental and spiritual healing and growth.

Reiki is a unique experience for everyone.  Most clients can experience feelings of warmth or coolness, tingling, twitching or pulsating energy through the body.  Others can feel like they are in an instant deep meditative state, feel lighter or even fall asleep.  Whatever you feel, the energy is doing it's job and is working by sending you pure universal love.

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Reiki Treatment

In Person

Minimum of 1 HR - In this session you can experience some or all of the following in your private Gympie Treatment Room:

First we will have a quick 1 on 1 chat and discuss your session and what to expect.

A relaxing environment with essential oils and light meditative music. You can choose your favourite oils upon arrival.

Intuitive messages

Chakra clearing & aligning 

Use of Crystals and Pendulums

Clearing of portals in your energy field  

Removal of negative emotional attachments from past lives or this life

Breaking down heart walls

Oracle Card Readings 

Every session is unique for every person and its best to come into the session with an open mind and no expectations.  

If requested we can also use none of these things listed above and concentrate on a simple but effective healing (lets chat about exactly what you want)

* I can also perform house and land clearing and entity removals in your home. This can help remove any negative energy in a home and bring the home back to a positive balance.

Holding Hands

Reiki Treatment


Distance Reiki expands my ability to be able to transit energy beyond physical touch.  "You can't see your mothers love, but you can feel it" - This is a great way to describe distance healing.  I can still tune into you energy and perform a healing which can be felt physically and emotionally.

I'll get in touch with you via text or message and ask that you are in a relaxing environment.  All I will need is a photo of you and your full name.

Throw on some relaxing music and light some candles. I can recommend some music for you if you like.

I'll talk you through what to expect (YES! you can still feel all the same physical aspects as an in person session)

Once complete I can call you back or message you whatever works better for you.  Just to check in and see how you feel, and give you and messages or guidance that have come through and I'll pull some Oracle Cards for you to finish off.

I can use Distance Reiki to perform a healing for you

A N Y W H E R E  in the W O R L D!

Pretty amazing right?!!!


client love

Highly recommend Sam. She is kind and gentle and really knows what she is doing. I could feel energies moving throughout and really appreciated the detailed discussion afterwards

I hadn't had a reiki session for many years so wasn't sure what to expect but Samantha put my at ease straight away and guided me through the whole process with care. It was a fantastic, relaxing experience. I was very aware of energy moving in different parts of my body and felt releases in different areas throughout the session. Samantha was wonderful at holding space for me and gave me great insight and feedback at the end. I felt very peaceful at the end and would highly recommend a session with Samantha - thank you!